Die Nibelungen


"Tender and strong: Iréna Flury as Kriemhild..."

Die Presse, April 24, 2013


Der Bauer als Millionär


"The highlight of this show is defnintly the song 'Brüderlein Fein', interpretated by Iréna Flury beyond comparison, due to her skilled voice and her magical timbre. If nothing else, you should see this show for Flury's brilliant performance."

Literarische Gesellschaft St. Pölten, July 2012


Die Schneekönigin


"A strong but unpretentious Gerda (Iréna Flury)..."

Kiku online, Dec 14, 2011


"Iréna Flury as Gerda is the glittering epicenter of this evening, dauntlessly facing the dangers of the wild."

Wiener Zeitung, Dec 16, 2011

Die Schweizermacher


„In the future Iréna Flury will surely indulge the Swiss Musical World. It‘s hard to find an actress who sings, dances and interpretates like she does. Iréna Flury is the discovery of the evening.“

imScheinwerfer, Sept 17, 2010


„Iréna Flury is convincing as Milena Vakulic with her shining directness and sentiment without sentimentality.“

Aargauer Zeitung, Sept 17, 2010


„Iréna Flury as Milena persuades the audience with her strong voice and natural acting.“

Die Südostschweiz, Sept 17, 2010


„The lovestory not only touches you, it goes under your skin, because of Iréna Flury: visually and vocally impeccable.”

Neue Luzerner Zeitung, Sept 17, 2010


Great Expectations


„Iréna Flury is the perfect femme fatale in a piece that is as challenging as it is enriching.“

Kurier, Feb 13, 2010


As You Like It


„Fuelled by both estrogen and testosterone, Iréna Flury interprets the dramatic and comic traits of this breeches role [Rosalind] with great skill.“

Der Standard, July 28, 2009